Logo Design

Simone Bouyer’s Ad World Serivces can create a logo design suitable for any kind of company, organization, or business. I have an open, flexible approach to logo design and draw from a wide variety of styles to create the logo or brand you need. I will provide you with at least eight different design samples based on your ideas and preferences. I believe in working closely with you to build a logo that represents your company’s image and philosophy.


Most entrepreneurs know that starting a company can be a daunting task. As a designer I have worked with dozens of small businesses, helping them to build a brand that represents their vision. I offer custom designed, high quality logos for your growing business for a reasonable price. While there are many small details that go into starting up a company, let’s discuss one important detail: logo design, based on some of the experiences I have had.

“You are the professional; I don’t want to box you in,” many of my clients have said. Or they will say: “Just use your artistic freedom in coming up with our logo.” The reality is that too much freedom can hinder the artistic process. Some direction is always needed. A logo should reflect an organization’s values, beliefs, personality, and essence. Although I am a creative person, I still need you to think about the values of your company or organization. The more involved you are in the design process, the better the finished product will be.

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