I Love Advertising

Yeah, that’s right. I dream about type and leading and positioning. I wake up thinking about tag lines and websites. I am driven to find the layout that works best.

Good design isn’t easy. When it’s done right it’s invisibly magnetic. When it’s done poorly it stands out for miles. Bad advertising can have an adverse effect on your business. It’s not the same as “even bad news is good news.” Bad design can blind consumers to your message or product.

This is for all of you busy entrepreneurs who submit blurry iPhone photos, sketchy email messages, and ugly Publisher documents — Find someone who loves what they do.

You may love tea, or antiques, or baking bread. You may be able to turn out a well-crafted sentence. You have probably taken a few pretty good photos. You are, more than likely, a great business owner who loves whatever it is that you do.

I love working with small businesses. I love what I do. I love the preciseness involved in graphic design. My love for this craft is probably like your love for singing, or modeling, or selling cars. That’s why we should work together.

Find someone good at what they do and hire them to take those photos, write that advertorial copy, manage your Facebook posts, design your website and print materials. You can’t do it all well. You’ll do some things well, some you’ll be ok at, while other projects won’t get your full attention.

Why do it all when there are others out there who would love to give you a hand? Find someone who loves what they do and let your business flourish!

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