Day 100 – Medicine

The works and ideas you are focused on contain more energy than what you put into them. They sustain us and motivate us in ways that may not be apparent. Your creations are good medicine. Save

Day 99 – Engage

Continue to put your ideas, your work, and your energy out there. It may be difficult at times, and it will always pay off. Focus on the ideas that you can’t let go of.

Day 96 – Reimagine

It may have been done already. It might be complete. It might be something someone else has already defined. Don’t let that stop you. Turn it upside down, look beyond what’s been done. Show us your new take on what we thought we had seen before.

Day 94 – Habit

Love what you do so much that you can’t bear to not do it. Do it because you have to. Do it because you can’t breathe unless you have created something. Save

Day 92 – Emote

Let it out. This is why you create. Don’t hold back. By sharing it you can examine it. By sharing it you can also influence others.