This Sumptuous Life

reach for the starsThe beautiful sumptuous beauty of life is revealed today. There is no separation, it is all one. One cloth, one world, one dream — life, love, death, and the continuity of the universe. A bold affirmation that this is the best dream, the only dream. This fragile world, worthy of our devotion.

How best to proceed? With care and love. With joy. With friends and family. Through the sharing of stories. Through the holding of hands. Through sacred prayer. Through ritual chanting and drumming. We hold it all together. We draw back the curtains in order to view all of life’s glory. A palette full of color and dreams. One destiny. Multiple journeys. Incredible vistas. Our minds, singly unable to conjure the perfect world. But, together we dream the whole wide beautiful world awake and alive.

Say yes to the journey. Say yes to healing. Say yes to joy and friendship and love and unity.

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