Features Your Website Must Have

using tabletReadability
Legibility is one of the most important factors when creating a website. Can visitors read the copy on your website? A good website is designed for ease of reading on all devices, including mobile phones. That means fonts are web-friendly, reverse type is used judiciously (white type can be dramatic but it’s hard to read as body copy) and clutter is kept to a minimum.

Clear Messaging
Will visitors to your site clearly understand what it’s all about? Or will they have to fiddle around to discover who you are and what you do? Once someone lands on your site, you have 15 seconds to convince him to stay. People looking for something they need are generally not very patient. The quicker they see how you can help them, the better.

Good User Experience
Designers understand how people use websites. They know that design is a critical part of navigation. Graphic elements. Type. Colors. All of these affect how visitors move through your website. If you want those visitors to have a positive experience, you need to ensure your site is user-friendly.

You want your website to look great, and it also needs to perform. It needs to convert visitors to customers. So it’s important to convince visitors to DO something. Tell them what you want them to do — sign up for a newsletter, download an article, read and comment on your blog, send you an email, register for that workshop, purchase something, call you, etc.

Is your website designed to be shared socially? Have you made it easy for visitors to share pages, images, articles and other content? Make it a priority to ask visitors to share your content with colleagues and friends. Then add social media icons to make it easy.

Your website is the online version of your brand. It’s one that all the world will see. The look and feel of your site should be consistent with any other marketing materials you have produced. This goes for your social media pages as well. Colors, fonts, design, copy style and voice should all look like they came from the same company.

If your website is missing any of the above items, give me a call. I can help you create a superior site that will work to grow your business. Contact me today!

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