100 Day Project 2017

I registered for the 100 Day Project. Every day I will create something and post it here. Take a look!

This year’s theme is “Where Dreams and Darkness Meet.” I will focus on empowerment and positivity. The project runs from January 21, 2017 and ends 100 days later on May 1st, 2017.

Find out more about the project at the100dayproject.com



Memes 2016

life shrinksSend me quotes, memorable phrases, funny ideas, or empowering statements for new memes. Click to see some of the memes I’ve created.



Day 94 – Habit

Love what you do so much that you can’t bear to not do it. Do it because you have to. Do it because you can’t breathe unless you have created something. Save

Day 92 – Emote

Let it out. This is why you create. Don’t hold back. By sharing it you can examine it. By sharing it you can also influence others.

Winding Down, or Winding Up?

I have a list of words, sentences, and ideas that for one reason or another never materialized. These things, I see now, are fodder for future creations. Although this project will be ending soon, I feel a sense of renewal. I take with me everything I have learned about myself, …

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Day 91 – Fresh

What can you do to stay motivated? To be able to view things from a new perspective? Go for a walk, watch a movie, talk it out, dance, swim, meditate, take a bath. Bring out the sunlight waiting inside of you.

Day 89 – Bloom

That thing you’re working on, that’s the fruit of your labor, that’s your bloom. Nurture it, put your all into it. Do everything that you can to make it something amazing.