Memes 2016

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This Sumptuous Life

reach for the stars

The beautiful sumptuous beauty of life is revealed today. There is no separation, it is all one. One cloth, one world, one dream — life, love, death, and the continuity of the universe. A bold affirmation that this is the best dream, the only dream. This fragile world, worthy of …

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Keys to Effective Advertising

reach summit

Consumers spend 3 seconds or less looking at ads. You can hold their attention longer with a great photo. Don’t skimp on the quality or size. The larger the photo, the more text a person will read. That ad with a tiny photo and a ton of copy? Not many …

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Get an Early Start

Hand writing Time to Plan concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

It’s never to early to begin promoting that special event. The earlier you begin, the more opportunities you’ll have to talk about the details of your event. Most publications need anywhere from 3 to 6 months advance notice to include ads and articles. Keep this in mind when scheduling your …

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